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A very warm welcome to my website. Here you’ll find information about me, my writing and my work in the community.

I strive to be a force for good and an avid warrior for change. I believe in empowerment and the right of every man, woman and child to live safely without fear of domestic abuse and violence. To this end I deliver workshops and talks to build confidence and have recently established a charity called Hands of Rescue.

My life’s journey has been a battle against adversity and from childhood, through to early adulthood and beyond; I have seen first-hand the damage that domestic violence and abuse brings.

However, I am the living proof that there is a way out, there is a chance to break away and survive! And not just survive, rebuild, learn new skills and take back control. My goal now is two-fold.

Big challenges, I know! ..But when you meet me and when you hear my story, you will feel my strength and know that there is a different path and a brighter future.

Much Love

Ditto xx