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Ditto is one who possesses determination and not willing for any turbulence in life to detour or defeat her. This shows through-out her Manuscript.


Ditto immigrated and lived abroad with her family. Her first venture into education whereby Computer Programming was her likeness but not her passion, she realised it wasn’t for her. Ditto didn’t stopped there but search to find her true passion, which was teaching as she had previously operate into and worked in that field for ten years. Since


Ditto also managed to study English and achieved A and B grade in English Language and English Literature. This is what inspired her to want to focus on a career in writing. There is another side to Ditto that she cherish and mean a lot to her, which is her Faith. According to Ditto, she couldn’t survived with that Spiritual connection. According to her that’s the driven source that kept her through-out those difficult times..


She also writes poetries and one play so far entitled Change which she is introducting to the community and looking forward to be in the theatre soon.


Ditto recently studied Counselling and Psychotherapy at Foundation level and considering resume her study to achieve at Degree level. Ditto has also make time to drawn upon some other knowledge through trainings offered by Equation, an organization that helps to bring awareness about domestic violence as she herself is dealing with.  she claimed that will help she better understand the kind of issue she is dealing with and also equip her with the skill and knowledge to help others. Also recently she has completed trainings with Women’s Aid Integrated Services whereby she will be doing some volunteering work to help other women who are in danger or maybe expose to danger.


According to Ditto, even though her book is filled with high drama and have a tendency to make the reader sheds tears, she considered her book to be a self help that will educate, inspired, empower and bring to light some of the dark secrets that families may never hope for anyone to know. As she considered writing at this level is not to bring shame on her family but to expose the type of issues one may face which can destroy the individual if help is not given also she is determine to save her generation.


The issues of domestic violence and other types of abuse has been long reigning in her generation and she thinks that its high time for this demon as she may call it to be exposed so that her children and grand children will never experience what she has gone through.


Ditto talks about the most secret part of someone’s life which wasn’t easy and she doesn’t saw it as fun when she talks about her private life because she too was struggling to put such tales on paper but realised it brought a sense of deliverance and healing to an extent. Healing takes time which she will stick to the process to fully recover. Whilst reminiscing and found it to be hard to talk about some of the things she shared, she hope that her reader will learn and share what they learn and try never to make the same mistakes she herself  had made. Ditto wants this sort of openness she demonstrate to be a learning curb for her generation and her reader.


She thinks this novel will bring sadness, but the whole aim she claims is to connect with the emotions of the reader. Far too long people sees this kind of horror as the norm when its ripping family apart, destroying generations and costing the Health Care System billions in finance which is a drain on tax payers and family members. Ditto have a passion to help others and to help provides any kind of support needed for the individual to reach recovery stage that’s why she became part of  Women’s Aid Integrated Services.


Ditto has shown her level of Spirituality and beliefs through-out her Manuscript especially when she walked away from her faith and choose to believe those men who came into her life and confessed that they loved her. Its only when she finds herself in a difficult situation and needed them to stand by her faithfully, she realised that this word called love was nothing but a sham. She never fail to share her overwhelming experience and encounters she has with God through her beliefs.


She comes across as strong, courageous, witty and full with extraordinary stories which relates from her Spiritual encounter with God. One of her testimony that stands out was while she was praying about a problem as she explained in her book. During the prayer she saw a bright light came out of the wall with a firm voice saying as she heard her name calledwhy are you so afraid? This she describes as awesome. She claimed she wasn’t able to see the face, but from the neck downwards was a white robe and she knew this was Jesus. This has caused a Spiritual energy derived from within, her stories are mind blowing and rear. Shortly another voice spoke with the same imagery saying  and called her name, “If you trust me I will bless you” then disappeared.


Drawing from her many experiences within the work force  who have worked within the teaching profession, Immigration, operate a small business as a drapery designer with one other person was an experience for her. She had worked in other capacity as Support Worker and also she decided to take her writing further and write a play entitled Change.


She also writes poems. This has to take some will power to achieve all of these especially with so many set backs and little help from family. This is a God given strength she claimed and not of herself. Ditto has encountered obstacles, hurdles, in one word setbacks, but still achieve her ultimate goal which is to write and Publish. A special thanks to Xlibris Publishing Company who designed a beautiful eye catching book cover and brought the second edition of Survivor now called Survivor The Escape to existence, a big thanks to the team who worked hard to help me to accomplish this task. Also for putting up with my awkwardness at times.


Ditto shows her resilience and Nothing seems to slow her down. The strength, vigour and determination serves for something God has for an end time world changer. She recond, there aren’t any perfect books out there but her aim was to make her Brand stands out as the first edition wasn’t to its best. She hopes as reader journey through-out the pages they will find hope, aspiration, inspiration and the strength to rise from any low level they may find themselves in.