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CDR Writing and Production  Ltd provides information through the product we sell which are autobiographical novels, short stories, plays and Poetries.


  • To educate the reader through our products, inspire and empower for greatness.
  • Objectives
  • With the cultural flavours through the stories told, poetries and plays, we will be delivering workshops for women who needs to be empowered, this is to help them see life from a different angle . Also to help them to aspire for greatness. Also if needs be we are ready to sign post the clients to organisation that will be able to assist if we arn’t able to do so, this maybe for Counselling if they desire.


Our aim is to visits school, universities and colleges to do talks around subject matters that are relevant to young people and their future. For example we will be addressing the issues of school bullying. The author will use her own person experience and how it had affected her not only psychological but emotionally too. Also what she has done to gain recovery and how she managed to move on.. Students will be encouraged to be more encouraging to speak up, share information with someone who they can trust if they are bullied and how to be more understanding and compassionate. Also that it is important to report concerns and how they do this.

Empowerment Session

Our Aim

Is to bring an awareness, equip and educate young people and the Public by visiting Schools, Colleges and Universities to talk about Bullying/ Domestic Violence and how it affects the individual. For example Emotionally: this caused the individual to loose self esteem etc. Psychological disorder will impacted negatively by causing disturbances with the victims mind which affects how they function. The victim can also become withdrawn. We are trained representatives who will operate within guidlines and convey information that will help the individual to access the help they need if we are unable to provide the help needed at that time.  Also facilitates workshops around topics of domestic violence school bullying and how to rise above the stigma around the kinds of abuse that comes to set an individual back.

Author recently doing a talk at University around the subject matter of domestic violence and its impact on the individual